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Driftwood Terrace Relocation Plan

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  1. Introduction

    Hollywood Housing Authority (HHA) has an aging Public Housing portfolio and has conducted a comprehensive physical needs assessment that looked at each property to help determine critical, immediate, and future needs. Driftwood Terrace is a Public Housing property located at 7300 Davie Rd Ext., Hollywood, FL 30024 that was constructed in 1984. After the physical needs assessment, the HHA has determined that the property requires significant rehab and will be looking to address the property's physical needs by applying to convert the property into a Housing Choice Voucher subsidy through the Streamlined Voluntary Conversion process (Section 22), in order to leverage additional funds to address the physical needs of the property.

    Driftwood Terrace is a senior property for residents age 62+, which provides affordable, ADA accessible housing, which is pet-friendly and close to public transportation. Driftwood Terrace is a three-story property, consisting of 90 one-bedroom units, with an onsite Community Room, Library, Balconies, Patio and onsite laundry facilities.

    The rehabilitation of the property will require the current residents to be relocated. In order to facilitate the rehab, the project intends to relocate one entire floor of residents offsite, in which each floor has 30 residents. Due to Streamlined Voluntary Conversion process, residents will have the option to receive a tenant protection voucher and move offsite, receive a tenant protection voucher and remain onsite or receive a project-based voucher and remain onsite. Determining the residents who will be relocated offsite will be based off of which residents are interested in moving with their voucher to a private unit which is not owned or operated by the HHA. After those families have been identified, the relocation team will work with the remaining residents to either locate housing for them to move temporarily offsite or to other vacant units within the building on different floors.

  2. Driftwood Terrace - Proposed Rehabilitation and Relocation

    The proposed rehabilitation of Driftwood Terrace includes the renovation of all 90 units, in order to improve the quality of life for the residents and the longevity of the property. The newly rehabbed community will be equipped with new kitchens & baths, energy efficient appliances in the units, updated community facilities and improved curb appeal. To rehabilitate the property, the partnership will be submitting a tax credit application to Florida Housing Finance Corporation as well as a Section 22 Voluntary Conversion application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Section 22 application and approval will trigger relocation benefits to the residents under the Uniform Relocation Act (URA) (46 U.S.C. § 4600 et seq.), its implementing regulations (49 C.F.R. Part 24).

    The purpose of this Relocation Plan is to establish the policies and procedures for the residents who will be relocated from Driftwood Terrace either permanently or temporarily, as well as the unit transfers within the property to facilitate the rehabilitation, in a manner consistent with HUD's provisions under the URA. Any residents who are temporarily relocated offsite will be eligible to return as long as they are in good standing and income eligible.

Table of Contents:

  • Existing Project Summary 4
  • 1. Introduction 4
  • 2. Driftwood Terrace - Proposed Rehabilitation and Relocation 5
  • 2.1 Description of the Relocation Process and Timeline 5
  • 2.1(a). Summary of Resident Notification 6
  • 2.1(b). Advisory Services and Counseling 6
  • 2.1(c). Replacement Housing 7
  • 3. Reasons for Rehabilitation of Driftwood Terrace 8
  • 3.1. Eligibility for Relocation Assistance 8
  • 3.2. Relocation of Senior and Disabled Residents 9
  • 4. Comparable Replacement Housing - Choices and Resources 9
  • 4.1 Available Housing Resources for Relocation 10
  • 4.2 Housing for Disabled Persons 10
  • 4.3 Urgent Need Housing 10
  • 5. Relocation Package 10
  • 5.1. Moving Expenses 10
  • 5.2 Rental Assistance Payment/Replacement Housing Payment 11
  • 5.2(a) Rental Assistance to Tenants Who Choose to Rent 11
  • 5.2(b) Down payment Assistance to Tenants Who Choose to
  • Purchase 13
  • 5.2(c) Last Resort Housing 13
  • 5.3. Payment for Utility Fees & Deposits (Moving Related Costs) 13
  • 5.4. Payment for Rent Deposits 13
  • 5.5. Notice to Vacate 14
  • 5.6. Estimated Moving Related Costs 14
  • 6. Eligibility for Returning to Rehabilitated Driftwood Terrace 14
  • 6.1. New Admission Policy 14
  • 6.2. Households in Good Standing 14
  • 6.3. Other Re-occupancy Criteria 14
  • 7. HHA Record Keeping 15
  • 8. General Information and Timely Notices 15
  • 9. Hollywood Housing Authority Grievance Procedures 15
  • 10. Discrimination Policy 16
  • 11. Record Keeping 16
  • 12. Return to Project 16
  • 13. Termination of Lease During Relocation 16
  • 14. Immigration Status 16
  • 15. Eviction Policy 17
  • 16. New Move Ins 17
  • 17. Estimated Relocation Costs 17
  • Appendices 18
  • Appendix A 18
  • HUD 2023 Income Limits - Broward County, Florida 18
  • Appendix B 19
  • Moving Allowance Schedule 19
  • Appendix C 20

The full Relocation Plan is available for review during normal business hours at the HHA Office located at 7350 Davie Road Ext, Hollywood, FL 33024.

Call our office at 954.989.4691 to schedule a call to view the plans.